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Hit meets Ler Hit meets Ler

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But yeah nice beat to it. I like it, though i dont understand wat is being said of course, lol.

P.S. - First time im a first review :D

HarraH responds:

Glad you make anjoy

de_technie de_technie

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pure awesomeness.
first review :-P

Runescape -- Wildwood Runescape -- Wildwood

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rs ftw
of course, CS:S and 1.6 come before rs... duh. if you dont know that get to it mate.
gunz the duel comes after
:-O i still play it. yeah.
runescape lvl OVER 9000! lol no only 42. been playing 2 years did nothing but sit there and talk. also i am 99 mage and no, i am not on another book. yeah, still basic.
:-| cant add me. dont want you to. if you really want to add gtfo29939123123981293891238over9000ch aractershaxorLOL:-O:-Pgtfojagix:D

Family Guy Theme Family Guy Theme

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family guy

made into elevator music. 10/10

Elevator Music Elevator Music

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i think

this is the most popular music clip on newgrounds.


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WG-Naruto Go!-MAN WG-Naruto Go!-MAN

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Weapongod30 responds:

Thanks man!


Naruto - Strong and Strike Naruto - Strong and Strike

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Some more respect

Respect and some more

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Orochimaru's Theme (Metal) Orochimaru's Theme (Metal)

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pure respect