I just made a new portfolio side! Horray! Check it out at www.oda-h.com!!!

I also wanted to submit my first demo reel, but apparently i am banned from submitting in the audio portal. I have no clue why, i never submitted there before. My whistle is normal and i've been on for two years... I don't understand the cause.

Newbie Voice Actor Ahoy!

2010-08-26 16:46:40 by halonaruto

Hello everyone,
I am now starting my career as a voice actor! If anyone would like me to part-take in their animation/video, PM me or email me.

Here are some of my works

Old Spice Guy:

Test lines:
http://www.oda-h.com/SecondGroup_Bouri on .mp3
http://www.oda-h.com/SecondGroup_Bruce tu s.mp3
http://www.oda-h.com/SecondGroup_Claud eM aric.mp3

-Leroy Sham.